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about me

Born in Tehran and currently based in both Berlin and Anticoli Corrado, a medieval village near Rome, my career as an architectural and interior designer has led me to embrace the many benefits of being a digital nomad on the professional front. As a result, I have worked with studios and architects in Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Iran, managing international projects from the Middle East to South America.

Creating visionary, high-end architecture is not only a question of skill, but passion. I thrive on creative problem-solving and vibrant teamwork. Over the past two decades, I have collaborated on a diverse range of architectural projects – from sustainable, state-of-the-art company interiors to harmonious residential spaces that radiate both elegance and warmth. No two projects are alike.

That’s why my solutions are always tailored to individual client needs. Being able to speak fluent English, Persian, Italian, Turkish and converse in Spanish also enables me to handle projects, colleagues and business partners with greater efficiency and cultural understanding. Without question, living abroad throughout my adult life has enhanced my eye for detail and aesthetic tastes as a designer.

Since graduating in both Architectural Engineering and Interior Design almost twenty years ago, I have always been committed to expanding my areas of expertise. Thanks to a combination of complex, hands-on experience, further training and development, and an extensive network of colleagues, professionals and artists, I have continued to branch out into 3D architectural visualisation.

Ongoing personal and professional development is crucial as an architect in today’s world. With technology and client demands constantly evolving, it is in our own interest to upskill and stay ahead of the game. No less important is desire to share insights, knowledge, ideas and experience because this is indeed the bedrock of inspiring, successful collaboration – and the only way to grow professionally.

Please feel free to contact me through my email, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, or Instagram